Bonsai import/export rules

Bonsai import/export rules

To Europe.

The list of species eligible for importation into Europe is rather large, with only a few notable exceptions, such as Japanese Black Pine. Tree House Bonsai follows a strict three year quarantine process during which the trees undergo a comprehensive series of insecticide and fungicide treatments. Final clearance from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and shipping are done in the late fall of each year.

To the United States.

Tree House Bonsai works closely with the USDA office in Tokyo to ensure our trees are processed properly. Similarly to Europe, trees eligible for import into the USA must first complete a three year quarantine process during which time they undergo a comprehensive series of insecticide and fungicide treatments. Typically most trees must be bare-rooted for shipment, however special permits can be requested for trees not found on the general list.

To other countries around the world.

Tree House Bonsai is dedicated to spreading the enjoyment of bonsai around the world. However importation laws vary greatly from country to country, as do species availability and processing procedures. Therefore processing fees and timelines are determined on a case by case basis.


Please inquire for processing fee details.


I would like to find out about inporting a bonsai to the UK from South Africa. Is this possible and what is the cost?

Jo-Anne Thomas

How about a common Bonsai tree to the USA from Ecuador on a commercial flight?

Domingo Rivera

Hi There,
I hope you are well.
I hope you can advise me on a request from a client in Thailand. She is interested in buying a couple of young Boxwood Bonsai’s from me and I need some guidance as to whether or not to Pursue this request as I have no knowledge on exporting Bonsai’s
Many thanks


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