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Hyuga, Japanese Pumice

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Hyuga is the highest quality form of Japanese pumice used in bonsai, either by itself or as part of various bonsai soil mixes.  Hyuga can be used alone when repotting collected material, or when creating air layers. Most notably though Hyuga is used in equal parts with Akadama and Kiryu in the standard 1:1:1 conifer mix, and is best utilized for its water retention qualities. 

Offered here in three particle sizes this material is pre-sifted, screened, and packaged in the same size ranges as both Akadama and Kiryuzuna making it easy to create the perfect mix for the trees in your garden. 

Item size: 18L (4.75 gal) bags

Size Hint: For chuhin, kifu and shuhin size bonsai, choose Small 1 size (1/16-1/8 in.) for general fill. Above those, Small 2 (1/8-14in.) can be used following 1:2 combo (1x Small 1 for 2x Small 2). The medium M is (1/4-3/8in.) is of course best used for the aeration layer or as the bulk for enthusiasts with large trees.

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