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Kiryuzuna, Japanese River Rock

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Kiryuzuna is the highest quality form of Japanese potting sand/stone used in bonsai.  Typically used in equal parts with Akadama and Hyuga in the standard 1:1:1 conifer mix, Kiryuzuna is best utilized to add aeration and sustained structure to the soil. 

Offered here in three particle sizes this material is pre-sifted, screened, and packaged in the same size ranges as both Akadama and Hyuga making it easy to create the perfect mix for the trees in your garden. 

Item size: 16L (4.22 gal) bags


Size Hint: For chuhin, kifu and shuhin size bonsai, choose Small 1 size (1/16-1/8 in.) for general fill. Above those, Small 2 (1/8-14in.) can be used following 1:2 combo (1x Small 1 for 2x Small 2). The medium M is (1/4-3/8in.) is of course best used for the aeration layer or as the bulk for enthusiasts with large trees.

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