Bonsai School

Dive into the captivating world of Japanese bonsai at our school. Focused on the seasonal care of various species, our programs covers bonsai history, techniques, and species diversity. Whether you're a novice or a skilled enthusiast, our bonsai school offers a nurturing environment to strengthen your bond with bonsai and Japanese culture under the guidance of Adam Jones, conveniently located just an hour away from Tokyo.


Have you ever dreamed of crafting your very own bonsai? If so, this workshop is tailored just for you. Learn the essential techniques to start your own bonsai and take it home to nurture and cherish. For those with a bit more expertise, feel free to bring trees from your collection and engage in hands-on guidance with Adam. Benefit from his invaluable insights and have all your bonsai questions answered.

  • 2 hours session

    From $90

    • Explore Tree House Bonsai garden with Adam

    • Receive an introduction to the techniques of bonsai

    • Create your own bonsai tree to take home and care for, or work on your own bonsai

    • Get guidance on selecting the right soil, fertilizers, and tools for maintaining your bonsai

  • 1-day session

    From $220

    • Explore the bonsai garden with an introduction from Adam 

    • A full day workshop on your tree or a bonsai selected from the garden (additional fees may apply)

    • Get guidance on selecting the right soil, fertilizers, and tools for maintaining your bonsai

    • Lunch box included

  • Week-end session

    From $440

    More than just a passing whim, Tree House Bonsai offers a selection of two day bonsai workshops to help emerging enthusiasts build their bonsai knowledge. Focused personal instruction coupled with hands-on practice allows participants to build their skills in specific techniques.

Seasonal intensives

Experience our seasonal intensives, carefully synchronized with the bonsai care calendar, to hone your skills and practice hands-on techniques. Across the year, you'll acquire foundational bonsai knowledge, from spring's repotting essentials to managing water during the sunny days of summer. As autumn sets in, learn the art of pruning and styling to shape your bonsai into stunning masterpieces.

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  • Seasonal Intensive: 3 to 7 days

    From 1,000$

    Our bonsai intensive courses provide a comprehensive skill-building experience that aligns with the rhythm of the bonsai calendar. Throughout the year, participants immerse themselves in the intricacies of pruning, wiring, repotting, and styling, adapting their techniques to the changing needs of the trees.

  • Long Form Stay: 1 to 3 months

    From $5,000

    In addition to acquiring new skills, an extended stay of at least a month at Tree House Bonsai offers the unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the life of a bonsai professional. You will experience the day-to-day rhythm of a bustling bonsai garden. It is a chance to truly live and breathe the essence of bonsai in a nurturing and inspiring environment.

  • They all include

    • Everyday lunchbox

    • 1 Tree House Bonsai apparel of your choice

    • 30% discount on paperwork and prepping for an export order

    • Transportation included for all courses

    • Accommodation included for long form stay.


    Note: a partner hotel is available nearby for workshop and seasonal course students (at your own expense).

Online bonsai consultation

Whether you need guidance with a specific technique or advice on planning for the future of a difficult tree in your collection, Adam is here to help. With individual consultations, he'll make sure you're well-equipped for all periods of the bonsai calendar.

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  • Chris W.

    "My time spent at Tree House Bonsai was amazing! Any enthusiast who happens to be in Japan, do yourself a favor and join a teaching
    session with Adam."

    Seasonal Intensive, Spring 2022

  • Jenny

    "Attending the 2-hour bonsai workshop with Adam was a revelation. In such a short span of time, he conveyed a wealth of knwoledge that transformed my understanding of bonsai. The workshop was a focused dive into practical skills that left me feeling empowered and inspired."

    Workshop, October 2022

  • Hiro

    "I had the incredible opportunity to learn from Adam and it was an experience beyond my expectations. His approach to teaching is both enlightening and practical, ensuring that each participant feels engaged and involved. The garden is authentic and a place of serenity. I can't wait to come back!"

    Week-end session, May 2023