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Visit Tree House Bonsai during the Kokufu-ten

During 98th edition of the Kokufu exhibition in February 2024, Adam will open the doors of Tree House Bonsai to share with you our bonsai collection and how the garden itself has evolved. Join us for a half-day, all-inclusive tour from Ueno on February 11th and February 14th.


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A bonsai garden designed to provide relaxation amidst a traditional Japanese ambiance, enveloped by bonsais. Come and explore a bonsai nursery nestled within a classic Japanese strolling garden, conveniently located just an hour from Tokyo. Train station pick-up service is available upon request.

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Bonsai Tours in Japan

Tree House Bonsai offers a variety of customized tours for groups or individuals.

With Adam as your guide, delve into renowned sites such as Omiya Bonsai Village, Shunkaen Bonsai Museum, unique off-the-beaten-path gardens or acclaimed exhibitions. Gain deep insights into the art of Japanese bonsai as you explore these remarkable destinations.

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  • Omiya Bonsai Village

    Omiya Bonsai Village is the birthplace of bonsai in Japan and host the most iconic bonsai nurseries. Accompanied by Adam, immerse yourself in the essence of bonsai in the very city of his apprenticeship. The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum is an essential stop, offering profound insights into the rich historical tapestry of bonsai artistry.

  • Kokufu-ten 2024

    The Kokufu-ten is one of the most prestigious bonsai exhibitions in the world. It is held annually in Tokyo every February and showcases the finest and most exquisite bonsai trees in the country. The name "Kokufu" translates to "national treasures," reflecting the event's importance and high standards. Book your tour for the 98th edition in 2024!

  • Taikan-ten 2023

    Planning a visit to Japan in November? Don't miss the Taikan-ten exhibition in Kyoto, renowned for its celebration of natural beauty. The thoughtfully curated display of trees captures the very essence of Japanese aesthetics.