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Bonsai school: 1 Day workshop

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At Tree House Bonsai School, our workshops are designed for bonsai enthusiasts, whether you're a beginner or looking to refine a specific technique. All classes are taught by Adam, allowing you to tap into his wealth of knowledge and receive expert answers to all your bonsai inquiries.

Tailor-made workshops available upon request. 

Take a look at our class calendar and secure your spot now! 

1 Day session

• Begin with an immersive exploration of the bonsai garden, complete with an insightful introduction led by Adam.
• Engage in a comprehensive full-day workshop, either on your own tree or by selecting one from the garden.
• Receive expert guidance on choosing the optimal soil, fertilizers, and tools essential for the ongoing care of your bonsai.

Package Includes: Convenient pick-up from the train station and a lunch box.

Note: Bonsai tree is not provided in the package. You can either bring your own tree, select one from the garden to work on, or purchase one.